Telehealth not only improves access to healthcare, it has the potential to improve the overall experience, especially for those who face real obstacles accessing specialized services.

Today, we are excited to announce new data-driven feature enhancements and integrations that will allow providers to pull televisit activity, give diagnostic intel, and leverage more EHR platforms to improve healthcare insights.

BlueJeans Telehealth is a purpose-built, HIPAA-ready video conferencing solution designed to help drive better patient interactions. Building on the platform's accessibility and ease-of use, the latest enhancements to BlueJeans Telehealth were designed to help improve the overall quality of virtual care.

With improved access to patient data, providers are able to create a 360-degree view of the patient’s health. With the latest data-driven enhancements and integrations built into the BlueJeans Telehealth solution, providers can pull televisit activity, give diagnostic intel and leverage more EHR platforms to improve healthcare insights. Key Features:

  • Apple Health app Data Expansion: Building on the existing integration, patients using an iPhone will be able to share additional categories of their Health app data in the coming months—including blood pressure, blood glucose, respiratory rate, height and weight—directly into the BlueJeans Telehealth app for their provider to view during the appointment. These will add to the existing shareable categories of heart rate, ECG, sleep, step count, fall detection data, and mobility data, so patients and providers can have more meaningful conversations about health. Users will remain in control of which categories of Health app data they choose to share with their provider during each telehealth appointment, and shared data is encrypted in transit and at rest. 
  • Command Center Dashboard: The new Televisit tab included within BlueJeans’ robust Command Center dashboard provides in-depth insights about telehealth activity at both the individual visit-level and at the aggregate organization-wide level, giving administrators the ability to streamline the reimbursement process.

To help streamline and replicate the in-person experience, BlueJeans Telehealth also includes new features that build on the simplicity, inclusivity and comprehensiveness of a telehealth visit. Image Capture for patients and providers enables either party to capture, upload and share images in the Televisit Tile during a televisit. Patient Image Capture allows patients to live capture or upload images from the patient landing experience or the televisit tile during a visit. These images will then be visible to both the patient and the provider from within the televisit tile for use during the televisit. With Provider Image Capture, clinicians and practitioners can pull an image to be used in the visit and then annotate on the shared, high-res images of their patients during the visit for further discussion.

With the ability to send an SMS invite or reminder at the time of scheduling, as well as offering patients or providers the ability to send an SMS invite during a televisit, patients can ensure family and care teams are able to join the televisit with minimal setup–attendees can just click on the link in text to join the telehealth call.

With our focus on simplified data integration, management and creating a seamless user experience, BlueJeans Telehealth is personalizing virtual care to make it easier, safer and more effective for patients and clinicians everywhere. Learn more about BlueJeans Telehealth today.