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Enterprise Connect 2018, Day 3: The Software Revolution is Here

What a week it has been at Enterprise Connect 2018. As we finish the Product Expo and start the homestretch of the conference, we’re wrapping up our daily recaps with helpful information for your #EC18 education journey. With Monday focused on team collaboration and Tuesday focused on emerging technologies, you may be wondering… what else is there to discuss? Today, we heard about the software revolution. How are new and innovative products making their way into your company culture? How can the technology you choose empower the people around you to establish better relationships and be more productive? 

While there were a number of amazing panels today, we want to focus on what we heard from Frerk-Malte Feller, Director of Workplace Ecosystems Partnerships at Facebook. As he spoke on Workplace by Facebook, the online team collaboration tool that uses the familiar Facebook interface, Frerk-Malte emphasized the importance of people in the process. Because Workplace strives to give people the same type of experience at work that they have in their personal lives, adoption rates and employee usage are very high in comparison to other tools. As he stated, “We believe in power over pixels. Think about the future of your company and work. I encourage you not to think about the technology... Think about how to empower the people around you and unleash the human potential in your organizations. That’s how you remain relevant and competitive in this ever-changing world.” 

As your enterprise moves forward, how are you planning to empower your employees and unleash their potential? Which tools are you going to choose to help them be as successful as possible? How are you planning to encourage adoption and ensure that employees are using the platforms you provide? These are all important questions to consider any time you adopt a new technology, and even more so as additional platforms hit the market.

At BlueJeans, we have always strived to give our users what they want and provide an interface that is both simple to use and easy to manage. That is why we recently (just last week!) introduced an entirely new BlueJeans Meetings desktop experience, with a brand new user interface that was built following thousands of user surveys. Created with the user in mind, the new BlueJeans Meetings combines the familiar with the intuitive to ensure that your users feel comfortable and confident when using the service. 

As Frerk-Malte Feller wrapped up his keynote, he focused on a few keys of Workplace by Facebook: security, inclusivity, mobility, and transparency—all important factors to consider when building (and adopting) a new collaborations tool. But perhaps the most important factor is the power to integrate. After all, no one wants just one vendor to be tied to for all things for all time. If that were the case, events like Enterprise Connect would no longer exist. Organizations need multiple tools in order to work effectively, but these tools do not need to be separate and unconnected. In fact, the better they work together, the better the adoption rate, and the higher your ROI.

That is why we’re proud to work with multiple vendors, including many who you saw at Enterprise Connect this week: Amazon, Cisco, Dolby, Facebook, Kaptivo, Microsoft, LifeSize, Polycom, Voicera, and more. Without our partnerships with amazing companies who strive to make the world of work a better world, BlueJeans would not be the thriving company it is today. We encourage you to take advantage of each of the integrations we offer in order to make the most of your BlueJeans software.

As we wrap up the conference, we wish to thank everyone who stopped by the BlueJeans booth, asked questions of our employees, and learned a little more about BlueJeans. We hope you enjoyed Enterprise Connect as much as we did. And don’t forget… BlueJeans CPO Mark Strassman will be speaking one last time on Thursday morning for the “Software-Based Video in the Meeting Room” panel. We’re looking forward to seeing you at 8:00 a.m. in Sun D!

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