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Digital Realty Goes Digital with BlueJeans

As there is exponentially more data generated by businesses and consumers, the demand for data storage, protection and analytics, data centers are increasingly recognized as an organization’s most vital asset for technology and innovation worldwide. Digital Realty is the largest owner/operator of data centers in the world, operating 280 data centers in 22 countries. Digital Realty provides data center, colocation and interconnection solutions to customers globally, serving as the trusted foundation for digital business for customers in sectors ranging from cloud and information technology services, to communications and social networking, to financial services, manufacturing, energy, healthcare and consumer products. Digital Realty enables a digital workplace for its employees and customers by leveraging both BlueJeans and PlatformDIGITAL™, its global data center platform.

Originally, the main goal for the BlueJeans deployment was to reduce reliance of different platforms that would not work well together. BlueJeans’ standards-based, interoperable platform helped calibrate the different offices, devices and systems together in one cohesive, easy-to-manage deployment. BlueJeans also drove down travel expenses and the cost of having multiple collaboration services. Additionally, BlueJeans enabled employees who are spread all over to world to engage with each other in a more meaningful way over video due to the simplicity and quality of the service.

With the onset of the pandemic back in March 2020, Digital Realty was well placed to transition seamlessly into a fully remote, work-from-home model using their existing BlueJeans deployment. “Our network and overall technology stack were ready to go remote. Having the BlueJeans platform really made it possible to continue our business seamlessly,” says Ed Diver, Chief Information Officer. The company relied on BlueJeans as the platform that would help keep employees safe and connected to colleagues and partners across the globe, while ensuring continued customer service and support.

Diver and his team wanted to ensure that essential employees who had to be physically present in their data centers were empowered to do their job flawlessly, while still being connected with the rest of the organization. On-site employees used BlueJeans Meetings on their laptops and mobile devices for day-to-day communication with the rest of the organization. Experts who were not able to physically go into the data center were able to troubleshoot by communicating with on-site employees, such as onsite data center engineer and guards, using BlueJeans on their mobile devices. This guaranteed continued service and minimized disruptions during a critical time, as Digital Realty provided the digital infrastructure on which people were relying more than ever before.

The IT team at Digital Realty was able to complement the company’s business growth despite travel restrictions and limited access to physical data centers during the pandemic. Using BlueJeans on mobile devices, Digital Realty provided virtual tours of the data centers to potential customers, which led to multiple new deals. “We have been able to impress our customers with how we adapted our operations during the pandemic,” says Diver. Derin Cunning, Senior Director of IT Engineering and Operations, echoes that his team has been able to position the ability to connect customers to data centers using BlueJeans as a competitive advantage.

Digital Realty had approximately 2,400 meetings per week before the pandemic struck. After work-from-home became the norm, this jumped to approximately 4,300 meetings per week. Even with such a rapid uptick in usage, Cunning and his team received a 98% positive rating (gathered from over 19,000 ratings) and 4.7 Q-score average for BlueJeans.

The pandemic has led to Digital Realty expanding their BlueJeans deployment into BlueJeans Events. The first major event conducted over the Events platform was the Virtual Leadership Summit. Typically, this multi-day meeting brings all the leaders in Digital Realty from around the globe to one city, enabling collaboration to shape the strategy of the company. The flawless experience from the first virtual event has paved the way for Digital Realty to conduct more of these high-profile events virtually, saving the company money and time spent on travel and logistics, while still providing the interactive space for the decision makers of the company to have valuable conversations with each other. Additionally, with most in-person events cancelled to the pandemic, Digital Realty’s Marketing group is extending virtual engagements by conducting webinars with customers, partners and other stakeholders using BlueJeans Events.

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