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Delivering Virtual Sales Training with BlueJeans Events

Sales enablement presentations continue to be a leading use case for BlueJeans Events. Considering the exorbitant costs (money and time) associated with bringing an entire sales organization to the same place, this use case delivers substantial economic value.  Additionally, BlueJeans Events’ robust set of interactive features are ideal for engaging remote employees in home offices that want to feel connected to the rest of their team. Another key benefit is that many companies can leverage the existing room system hardware they have in their regional offices to bring in local reps and drive the training from a series of local office locations.  When groups can join from the same room, it creates a sense of community and collaborative knowledge sharing across the sales organization.

Virtual Training Practices from a Pro

Learn how BlueJeans’ Sales Enablement Lead, Emily Murphy uses BlueJeans Events to deliver training that inspires her colleagues, regardless of their location or endpoint.


Q: How often do you use BlueJeans Events for sales training, and how many people typically join?

We host these events about three times per month, usually with an audience between 50 and 100 attendees.

Q:  On average, how many different locations join the presentation?

Attendees join these presentations from all over the globe. We have our California office, people will join out of Europe and APAC, and of course all of our remote employees.

Q: Given that the attendees are dispersed, how do you inspire these sales teams?

To inspire people using BlueJeans Events we really make sure we choose the right content to communicate to them. We make sure there’s a value proposition connected to the content. They also have to know what’s in it for them. Why do they care about this conversation? What are they going to get out of this?

One of the best ways to communicate that is to ensure that you have really strong presenters. With BlueJeans Events, we normally have more than one presenter that can passionately deliver the content. It helps when they connect with the attendees to make sure that it’s an impactful conversation.

Q: What engagement tools are important for a moderator to keep the audience’s attention?

As a BlueJeans Events moderator you can see everything. You can see all of the presenters, all of the attendees. You have complete control. Some of the engagement tools that we use there are the question and answer feature. It really captures all of the information that the attendees want to share, and it allows us to address any questions that they have. There’s also the chat function which allows the audience to comment and make sure that they understand everything. Attendees can even “raise their hand.” When they do that, the event moderator can promote them to a presenter so they can get on camera and ask their question live. Lastly, there’s the polling feature. We can get feedback from the audience with that tool as well.

Q: Virtual product training requires lots of education for sales teams. How do you use this education to inspire the sales org to hit the ground running?

We really want the content to be clear and organized. We want to communicate well with the whole team so they know what we’re asking of them and what they need to do. One of those ways is using presenters that are motivating and that are efficient communicators with the entire team. We can also use this time to close those knowledge gaps — what has slipped through, or what came in via email that someone doesn’t understand. BlueJeans Events really helps bring the content full circle. We also get a lot of buy-in and support this way. Especially if we ask presenters that are very influential to join these virtual trainings it can add a lot of value for the team. BlueJeans Events also offers an open forum where people can ask questions and there’s lots of live interaction. These virtual trainings are a huge part of aligning the entire sales team. When you have remote employees and people don’t see each other all the time, it’s important to bring them together for this event to make sure they understand the messaging. Where are we going? Where are we now and what will bring us to the future?

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