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As Maine’s largest beer and wine distribution company, Nappi Distributors’ first priority is to market its products and engage with retailers across the state. The company’s salespeople travel widely while out in the field, visiting retailers and local suppliers. The efficiency and convenience of the company’s online systems are therefore vital to its operation. 

With some previous experience using BlueJeans Meetings for calls and meetings, IT Manager Indu Gupta decided to implement the platform company-wide to conduct meetings with vendors, customers, and staff.

“We started to use BlueJeans Meetings at the beginning of the pandemic when our Verizon representative suggested it as a solution for videoconferencing,” she says. “I run a very small IT team that provides support to a large number of salespeople, so it’s important to me to have tools that save me time and energy.”

The solution has since completely transformed how field agents receive tech support, and driven efficiency across the business’s operations.

Transforming Tech Support

IT issues were previously resolved with hands-on support in the office. But with the BlueJeans app installed across all mobile and desktop devices, the IT team can now troubleshoot system or application issues from anywhere. 
Implementation was simple. The team downloaded the Outlook and desktop add-ins and integrated these with the desktop version of BlueJeans.

“Last year, I rolled out 20 new desktops within the company and installed the BlueJeans app on each of them. Now, if anyone has a problem with their computer, I can do a remote session with them. I can access their computer remotely and troubleshoot backwards. It has been really handy.”

The BlueJeans app was also installed on all iPads used by the sales team across the state as part of the company’s mobile management device rollout. Now, these agents can get in touch with the IT team to initiate a remote tech support session while in the field.

Salespeople no longer need to travel 50–70 miles back to the office to address technical problems. Every instance of remote tech support can save the company up to $5,000. And, with 50 salespeople on staff, these savings multiply.

Expanding Virtual Opportunities

Nappi Distributors has reduced the cost of meetings, for both sales and tech support, with the shift from in-person to remote, virtual meetings.

At the height of the pandemic, when it was impossible to host customers at the company’s facilities, BlueJeans Meetings enabled seamless communication with vendors. The company also ensured business continuity at meetings where vendors could showcase their products to distributors.

Supervisors can now also hold meetings remotely with their team members, who connect using the BlueJeans app on their iPads or mobile devices. This has significantly reduced the costs associated with holding in-person team meetings. 

One of the biggest winners has been the company’s sales team.

“Now our salespeople can have those meetings from their own offices without having to travel to meet with suppliers,” says Gupta. “They can initiate calls right from their mobile devices. And using BlueJeans features like screen share and document transfer make it really simple and convenient.”

Users throughout the company have highlighted BlueJeans’ superior audio and video quality, which they say makes all the difference when interacting with clients and vendors.

Exploring a Hybrid Future

Many of the changes that Nappi Distributors has made since the start of the pandemic look set to stay, including its new ways of communicating. For instance, while customers are starting to visit Nappi Distributors on site again, the company expects most will continue to do business via video on their mobile devices or desktops. 

“I’ve done so many meetings using BlueJeans that have gone so much quicker than I expected, especially for small troubleshooting and IT issues,” says Gupta. “It has just made my life easy, really.”

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