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Customer Story: BlueJeans Provides Unity as Fuller Theological Seminary Becomes One Fuller

About Fuller Theological Seminary

Fuller Theological Seminary is one of the world's most influential evangelical institutions and the largest multi-denominational seminary. Students interested in master's and doctoral degrees enroll in the School of Psychology, School of Theology, or School of International Studies. After graduation, many pursue careers in the ministry, clinical psychology, or non-profit organizations. 

The majority of students take classes in one of the seven physical locations spread throughout California, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, and Washington. However, Fuller Theological Seminary also hosts a large online student population, with students from more than 90 countries enrolled.

The Challenge

Fuller Theological Seminary prides itself on not just being a place or a classroom or a curriculum... the school is a community. To this end, they recently launched a new initiative to integrate their campuses and become One Fuller.

Before video conferencing became ubiquitous, each regional campus operated independently. Though campuses were connected by name, the experience for students was quite different, and the goals across departments were not unified. However, with BlueJeans video conferencing, faculty and staff at remote campuses can be part of every department, committee, and meeting if needed. Video conferencing allows Fuller to have one united goal and direction. 

"BlueJeans gave us freedom and flexibilty we'd never had before. It really helped integrate the culture at Fuller Theological Seminary."
—Eric Mulligan, Video Conferencing Support Coordinator

Fuller Theological Seminary + BlueJeans

Prior to implementing BlueJeans, Fuller Theological Seminary used a hardware system for video conferencing where each campus had at least one video meeting room. Faculty and staff could also connect to meetings using the browser, but found it difficult to use and often had trouble calling into room meetings. 

One major problem with the solution was that it could only be used internally, which meant that only one meeting at a time could occur between specific rooms at different campuses. Furthermore, because the video meeting was running through the institution's servers, there was a hard limit on how many meetings could be conducted at one time, and the IT staff spent time ensuring that these meetings did not overload the server.

Uses: Internal Department Collaboration // Remote Student Engagement

Enter BlueJeans. In the fall semester of 2015, Fuller Theological Seminary transitioned away from the hardware-based video conferencing system to BlueJeans. Eric Mulligan, Video Conferencing Support Coordinator at Fuller stated, “BlueJeans really opened up the number of meetings we could host and gave us freedom and flexibility we’d never had before.” With more user-friendly conference rooms and the BlueJeans app for desktop and mobile, the entire Fuller community communicates better with one another. In fact, the school moved from only 308 scheduled video meetings in 2014 to 1078 scheduled meetings in 2017—a 250% increase!

BlueJeans is used in a number of ways, with nearly every meeting having a video conferencing component. Faculty and staff participate in committee and department meetings over BlueJeans so members from various campuses can all attend the meeting, and students use the platform to ask questions and receive feedback from their professors during office hours.

Most notably, faculty members are using BlueJeans in their classrooms so students have the opportunity to attend in-person classes from whichever campus location they choose. Using existing room systems, entire classes can be conducted over BlueJeans so that it feels like everyone is in the same place. The idea behind One Fuller is for everyone to be engaged and interact with each other, and BlueJeans makes this happen.

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