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Customer Story: BlueJeans Reduces Hard Costs For Australian Education Authority


The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is responsible for developing the national curriculum for Foundation-Year 12 students, administering national assessments, and reporting on schooling in Australia. While ACARA employees 90-100 people full-time, the organization’s work is carried out in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including teachers, principals, governments, State and Territory education authorities, professional education associations, and various community groups. ACARA employees work out of offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth, with some remote staff located in Adelaide, Brisbane, and other regional areas. 

The Challenge

With offices and staff members located throughout Australia, ACARA needed to find a way for people to communicate face-to-face. A legacy video conferencing system was already in place, but it was clunky and required its own dedicated Internet connection due to the bandwidth required to host a meeting. The bandwidth issue was especially problematic as the offices in Perth were unable to communicate with colleagues in Sydney due to 10MB download speeds. And, with a fourhour flight separating the offices, frequent travel was not an option.

ACARA + BlueJeans

Recognizing the need for increased accessibility and efficiency, ACARA turned to their technology partner to recommend a cloud-based meetings platform that would reduce the costs of additional hardware and ongoing maintenance. The organization needed a robust, low maintenance, durable, and sustainable solution that would work for all their employees. After trying BlueJeans, the decision was made. 

With an interface that is easy to use, ACARA knew that BlueJeans was a platform that would resonate with all employees. And with integrations to their calendaring system, messaging tools, and more, the organization knew that BlueJeans would allow for increased productivity, all while reducing both the technology and the travel budget.

Once ACARA implemented BlueJeans across the organization, people quickly became comfortable and confident with the platform. Within weeks, BlueJeans was a critical part of ACARA’s technology ecosystem and is now the preferred method of communication. Users love the one-click touch accessibility for meetings, and the integration with Outlook means that employees and external stakeholders can join easily join meetings from any device. ACARA loves the platform so much that BlueJeans account information is even included in the induction packet for new employees so staff members receive a BlueJeans account on their first day in the office.

While the platform is most often used for meetings among employees, ACARA Board Members also enjoy using BlueJeans for their meetings. Since members are located throughout each state and territory, the video conferencing platform makes it easier to meet face-to-face to solve problems and gather feedback much faster than would be possible if in-person communication was necessary. 

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