While the 2020 pandemic resulted in a lot of workers doing their work from home, studies indicate that once the pandemic is over, many of these workers will continue working remotely. In order to make remote work a long-term solution for your team, you need a web conferencing solution to keep everyone on the same page. Learn more about how to choose the best web conferencing software for your business.

What Is Web Conferencing Software?

Web conferencing software uses video and audio technology in order to allow interactive communication between multiple people at different locations. This software allows individual users to log onto the platform directly from the internet, which means that they will not have to download an app or install software on their computer in order to participate in the conference. Web conferencing software has many business applications, including:
  • Recruiting, interviewing, and training new employees.
  • Providing company-wide presentations, or presentations for customers and clients in which multiple presenters are available.
  • Collaborating within the work team, with other departments, or even with employees in an office in another location.
  • Face-to-face interactions with customers, no matter how far away they are.
  • Paid webinars, that provide a new stream of revenue.
  • Scalability. All of your business needs are important, but they don't all require a big solution. BlueJeans makes web conferencing available whether thousands are tuning in or a small group needs a video conference to collaborate on a project.
  • Affordability. By only paying for the space you need, you're saving money that can be used to meet other important business goals. Upgrading your plan is easy and can be done online.

How to Choose the Best Web Conferencing Software

Ideally, the web conferencing software you select will be easy for your team to use. Some of the features you should look for in top web conferencing software include:
  • A user-friendly dashboard where you can have analytics about the meetings your team has held right at your fingertips.
  • Interoperability with most types of hardware, including cameras, microphones, and other equipment that you need for your web conference.
  • Third-party integration with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms you use to communicate with your staff.
  • Security features, including encryption, a two-step authentication process, and unique meeting IDs and passcodes.
  • The ability to pre-configure meeting invitations, so that attending the meeting is as easy as a simple, single click.
  • Automated ROI analysis that can keep you informed on how much you're saving in travel costs and fuel by holding company meetings remotely.
  • Quickly export data from the meeting dashboard for further analysis.
  • Assign action items and email notifications to further improve the productivity of your team.
  • Live meeting controls that allow you to selectively mute participants,
  • Meeting highlights and transcription available for every meeting.
  • Convenient online payment for your web conferencing service, with your choice of paying for the service by the month or by the year.
  • 24/7 global support, including assistance with global deployment planning that is uniquely tailored to your business, training programs, assistance with event management including scheduling, preparing for, and coordinating your event, customer service management, and technical account managers.

We Can Help

As the pandemic has taught us, web conferencing is a valuable tool for getting work done even in difficult situations where your team can't all be together. Let BlueJeans Meetings show you how to take necessary top web conferencing software and use it as a catalyst for increased productivity, additional revenue streams from paid webinars, another communication channel for you and your team, and better work-life balance for your team. Contact us today for more information. Contact us today for more information or try a sign up for a free trial.