“Here we go again,” thought the Technology Leader as he read the email from yet another frustrated employee. It read: “Why can’t I just use my own smartphone to video conference with my client?” The email presented a compelling, yet futile, request and generated the standard response: “Our organization’s current video conferencing capability cannot support system interoperability.”  

The Tech Leader prided himself on his stewardship over the technology in the organization, covering data, voice, networks and video conferencing. But his faith in his ability to meet his employees’ growing video conferencing needs was waning, and this latest request added to his mounting frustration. “How could such a simple and seemingly obvious request be so damned technologically unworkable?” he wondered.

He could no longer simply ignore the situation — there had to be an answer. So the Tech Leader set out on his own to explore the far reaches of the world in search of a solution, fueled by his natural desire to seek out an authentic, more fulfilling communications experience for himself and others. He faced daunting challenges along the way as he crossed the limits of conventional boundaries. But he was resolved to discover the Holy Grail of Video Conferencing: harmonious interoperability.

Throughout the journey he was met with skepticism from the known video conferencing gurus in the world; some told him that what he sought was simply not possible; other said he’d anger the Gods of Existing Technologies. Yet he was determined to find a Better Way.

After combing the world and unable to find solutions that would bring him enlightenment, the Leader took on the challenge and built his Arc of Interoperability himself so that all may coexist in their voyages to video conferencing. His creation was successful beyond his wildest dreams. He set back out on the road to evangelize his discovery to those with a similar desire to be at one with simple, easy video conference interoperability. And he found his following. Soon, there were throngs of believers, all joining the movement wearing their symbolic cloak of coexistence — their Blue Jeans. 

The world was made a better place, as people everywhere were able to bring their devices together to coexist, pieced in harmony. Satisfied with his accomplishments, the Tech Leader sat back and considered the possibilities in the new dawn of coexistence.

With the discovery of Blue Jeans video conferencing, the dream of harmonious interoperability was realized and gave everyone an equal opportunity to join a single meeting on their own terms, using any device of their choosing.

The Vision Was Realized.

Blue Jeans Democratized Video Conferencing and

Gave People Everywhere the Freedom to Meet.