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BlueJeans Makes Moves with MixBit

BlueJeans Acquires MixBit for Mobile Development

Distributed teams. Remote locations. Shared office spaces. This is the new workplace. More often than not, employees prefer a single communication tool such as their mobile phone for communication and collaboration. We at BlueJeans want to enable a seamless collaboration experience between mobile, desktop, and conference rooms. That has been always been our vision: help people meet and collaborate from where they are and with whatever communication device they prefer. Mobile is the predominant choice right now, so we want to deliver the best mobile meeting experience. 

To help us continue along that path, BlueJeans has acquired certain engineering resources and other assets from MixBit, a private company that most recently built a video conferencing solution called Zeen, aimed specifically at mobile users. The MixBit team includes world-class mobile video product visionaries, designers, and developers who will join the BlueJeans team in both California and New Zealand.

This deal allows us to add resources to our mobile product development team and fast-track innovative features to our customers and partners. By integrating MixBit talent with BlueJeans, we will strengthen mobile development, including bringing:

  • Consumer type experiences to enterprise users
  • Enhancements to the use of mobile and tablets in conference rooms
  • Location awareness for better meeting experiences

In many ways, 2018 has been the year of collaboration. Companies and individual users appreciate the power and importance of a good meetings experience where location and form factor are irrelevant. “Mobile” isn’t a device—it is a function of productivity, flexibility, and accountability. The right tools must be in place to create a seamless experience across all devices. With the addition of MixBit talent to the BlueJeans team, we have the engineering talent in place to build an immersive meeting experience, at home, in the office, or on the go.