It was my first week at BlueJeans by Verizon and like any new employee, I was filled with limitless curiosity. Eager to learn more about the new organization I had joined, the unending creativity that fills the BlueJeans team is quite special. Now 8 months later - in what seems like a flash of time - my excitement as an employee remains steadfast; none more so than in the incredible product that continues to be refined and offered to customers. 

Today this could be seen with the latest BlueJeans Meetings updates, including the new Control Bar and File Transfer features, in addition to the increased Enterprise Meetings capacity of 300 participants

Screen Sharing Enhancements

It can be frustrating when screen sharing, unsure if you are “actually” presenting the right content or even who you are showcasing it to. With the new Control Bar, screen sharing is now a breeze, with functionality that includes an “assurance window” that highlights specifically what you are presenting. 

Beyond this, the Control Bar has full functionality, including breakout room admittance, chat capabilities, and flexible video views to better see participants and make sure you have the best experience. 

Doubling-down on a recent TechValidate survey, the results speak for themselves, 95% of respondents felt that BlueJeans is easier to use than other providers. Excited by this, we have taken this to heart, making the Control Bar simple and intuitive to use, and not intrusive in the slightest. 

Working in conjunction with the Control Bar, meeting participants also have a new Widget bar that offers unparalleled functionality. Whether pinning the screen share icons anywhere on your device, to changing the viewing tiles for multi-screen capabilities, the Widget allows enhanced usability for everyone, not just those who are screen sharing. 

File Transfer

Listening to customers has always remained a staple of BlueJeans and how we operate. In meeting File Transfer capabilities are the latest product enhancements that are now implemented. 

With numerous file types to choose from, you can share nearly any file type right in your meeting chat window! 

file transfer

Further, as a file transfer and not an upload, you can rest assured that the BlueJeans network’s security protocols remain strong as your file will not be stored in the BlueJeans cloud. 

BlueJeans by Verizon is focused on our customers and offers the best video conferencing and meeting experience available. We have recently updated our Enterprise plan with an increase in the participant cap to 300 (at no additional cost), while also modernizing the settings and preferences windows when in a meeting.



Lastly, but definitely not least, BlueJeans is proud to have recently launched BlueJeans Basic - our free product offering that includes no time limit meetings along with Dolby Voice built-in!

We invite you to sign-up today and find out first-hand what the hype is all about!