We’re excited to share a few new features to BlueJeans that are sure to make your next virtual event even better! Video streaming flexibility and accessibility are the top upgrades with this release package – all designed to enable event managers with customization tools that create stronger audience connections.
New Features
HTML Embed Enhancements
  • In our continued effort to provide the best possible event experience for anyone anywhere, we’ve added closed captioning to the embedded attendee player. Now, when event admins choose to live stream their BlueJeans Event from a webpage, attendees can view closed captions from any desktop browser. Closed captioning is activated by event admins with one simple click. This will soon be added to the mobile experience as well.
Custom Pre-Event Music
  • Want to add your own catchy soundtrack to the pre-event welcome window? Until now, this feature was enabled with default pre-event music. If you’d like to add a different music track that fits more closely with your brand, add any mp3 file with a max size of 10MB. Get your audience pumped for your presentation with the perfect musical introduction!
Email Customization
  • Add your company name to the ‘from’ field of your event invitations. Rather than seeing the standard invite@bluejeans.com in their inbox, attendees now get more insight into your upcoming event with a simple edit as organizers schedule the event.
Upcoming Releases
Guest Presenters on Restricted Events
  • Hosting secure events is mission critical for large organizations that present sensitive content for internal audiences. While restricted events allow admins to keep unwanted participants from joining via domain-specific invitations, there are occasions where presenters from outside the organization need to join. This feature will allow external presenters to join from any browser during restricted events.
Force Attendee Hard Limit
  • To date, any time an attendee joins your event before the moderator begins the broadcast or lingers after the event ends they can access Q&A and Chat. This hard limit option will give event managers more control over the time window that attendees can comment and ask questions about the event.
Backstage Chat for Presenters and Moderators
  • Let your speakers, emcees, and event managers hash out last-minute logistics with an exclusive group chat box. This backstage chat will eliminate confusion and streamline communication among on-camera and behind-the-scenes participants.
Try these new features and host a great event with BlueJeans today! Want to take a test drive? Sign up for a free 14-day trial now.