Today, we are excited to introduce a new set of BlueJeans Events capabilities that have been designed to improve the virtual broadcast and post-event experience for attendees, presenters and moderators hosting virtual events. 

Virtual Backgrounds

Although BlueJeans Meetings users are accustomed to using virtual backgrounds during meetings, BlueJeans Events just launched new virtual background functionality that puts more control into the event Admin’s hands to ensure a highly-branded and consistent experience during any large-scale event.

Admins now can pre-upload a set of virtual backgrounds for presenters to choose as their background during the event and can enable or disable a presenter’s ability to use virtual backgrounds or upload their own virtual backgrounds. This feature can help address many different event needs simultaneously. Offering a neutral virtual background allows for a more focused environment, while a custom background can be a great way to weave the event theme throughout the broadcast or highlight a brand or logo during the event. By only allowing a few background options for all presenters, admins can ensure consistency for attendees and professionalism during any event broadcast.

To enable virtual backgrounds, presenters have the option to set their background prior to joining the event. Prior to joining, presenters can select either background blur, which softens the presenter’s surroundings on a sliding scale of intensity to help focus the camera on the presenter, can upload their own virtual background image (if enabled by admin), or select from one of the pre-uploaded background options. Setting the background prior to the event allows presenters to confirm their camera view exactly as the attendees will be able to see them once they are in the event. Presenters should also use this opportunity to also check the video frame, appearance, and attire prior to the event going live. Presenters can also update their background during the event in their settings options.

Closed Captioning in Recorded Events 

BlueJeans Events has expanded its accessibility features for attendees. Although those with accessibility needs have been able to turn on automated closed captions (subtitles) at the bottom of their screen during an event, the new closed captioning enhancement can also show captions during a recording of an event. When recording an event, moderators will have the option to enable closed captioning, thus allowing attendees to absorb the event content without the need for any audio both during the event and when watching the recording. This expands accessibility and potential attendees watching (and reading) events on-demand. 

As virtual and hybrid events continue to grow in popularity, we are committed to enhancing our BlueJeans Events featureset to ensure that the BlueJeans experience remains premium to any other virtual event platform. These newest features are accessible by requesting access with your account managers or the support team.  To learn more about these latest features, check out our BlueJeans Events page or Try BlueJeans Events for free.