In our May 2021 update, we announced the online availability of BlueJeans Enterprise, our most feature-packed Meetings plan for $16.66 per host per month (paid annually). Today, we are excited to announce that BlueJeans Enterprise will now include support for automated closed captioning and real-time transcription at no additional charge. With this enhancement, meeting hosts and participants now have multiple ways to track their conversations during a meeting and beyond:
Automated Closed Captioning – Closed captioning is an essential accessibility tool for those who are audibly impaired. Once enabled, meeting dialogue will automatically appear at the bottom of the screen so participants can follow along with the discussion. BlueJeans’ proprietary audio speech recognition engine operates directly in a meeting participant’s local environment, thereby reducing latency and improving security.
Real-Time Transcription – Transcripts are captured in real-time during every recorded meeting and provide an immediate log of the discussion at hand. As soon as a recorded meeting ends, the transcript is automatically made available to share through email or Slack to help offload laborious note-taking. Transcripts are also preserved in the moderator’s meeting hub for future reference and sharing.
To further help our users get the most out of their virtual meetings, BlueJeans Enterprise plan also offers these enhanced features:
Unlimited Recordings – Never miss a beat. The hybrid workplace functions better when communication is transparent and seamless across the team. Unlimited recording frees users to take full advantage of Smart Meetings and record every meeting to easily share highlights, action items, and context with key stakeholders.
Standards-Based Conference Room Support – As organizations begin to transition to a hybrid work environment, it’s imperative that their office space meets their collaboration needs. To help satisfy these requirements, the BlueJeans Enterprise plan includes standards-based room system interoperability (H.323/SIP endpoints) to ensure workers can join BlueJeans Meetings from any conference room that is outfitted with existing video teleconferencing equipment. Organizations shouldn’t be required to pay an exorbitant connector fee just because they have previously invested in hardware to support video collaboration.
Command Center Live – BlueJeans Command Center Live provides vital insight for meeting administrators regarding their team’s overall video conferencing experience. Live meeting controls alongside real-time metrics and alerts allow admins to identify and mitigate potential in-meeting issues, while ensuring that remote teams encounter zero disruptions while working from anywhere.
Brand Customization – With BlueJeans Enterprise, users can customize their UI as needed. Organizations can insert their logo and other brand elements across BlueJeans’ desktop app, browser experience, landing pages, and invitation emails.
Host up to 200 participants – The Enterprise plan expands meeting capacity by allowing up to 200 participants per meeting. BlueJeans Enterprise customers can take full advantage of breakout sessions, enhanced gallery view, and meeting reactions to create an engaging experience for all participants in larger meetings.
Experience the power of BlueJeans today and purchase up to 50 Enterprise licenses at the BlueJeans ecommerce store.