Hybrid work is everywhere.  From those in the office - to individuals at home - and everywhere in between, the importance of having the right tools at your fingertips is critical to getting your best work done.  

BlueJeans continues to enhance our video collaboration platform to provide a premium video-conferencing experience that is easy-to-use, no matter where you are located.

With flexibility being a central tenet of the hybrid workday, it’s natural to expect that individuals will end up taking meetings from a wide variety of locations…some ideal for video calls and others lacking certain natural qualities. BlueJeans Meetings with Dolby Voice intelligently blocks out disruptive noises and optimizes speaker volume settings, but what about when video conditions are less than favorable?  

We are proud to introduce in-meeting Lighting Enhancements that give attendees the ability to customize their lighting brightness to boost visual clarity in dark or shadowy settings. Additionally, recent features like Auto-Camera Framing ensure that every BlueJeans user has the opportunity to limit visual distractions and be in the center of the screen, regardless of where their camera is located.  Our goal is to empower hybrid workers to choose whatever setting best suits their meeting, but we never want them to be at a disadvantage for choosing flexibility over formality.

Lighting Enhancements


As part of our drive to enhance the user experience, BlueJeans has now launched Participant Status, a non-verbal way to help meeting attendees interact with one another. In addition to Raised Hand, users now have the ability to press the Clock or Check Mark icons to indicate they will “Be-right-back'' or that they are “Done” with an assigned task. With inclusivity paramount to our mission in driving flexibility, BlueJeans is proud to deliver these simple and intuitive features that will help everyone participate in meetings more effectively. 

Participant Status


The hybrid work environment continues to evolve, with organizations requiring better productivity features alongside a more dynamic and flexible workplace. Between our drive to be on the cutting edge of productivity and performance, to introducing simple features such as the ability to quickly Refresh your Meeting List, we will always strive to make your meeting experience as easy and effective as possible. 

To learn more about how we are making hybrid work more efficient, creative, and productive, click here.

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