What do you think could be accomplished in 24 hours here at Blue Jeans? How about coming up with 20 (yes, 20) cutting-edge product features and innovations? That’s exactly how it went down a couple weeks ago at our hackathon event.  

Ok, so I can’t exactly tell you what we came up with because that’s top secret. But what I can tell you is that involved a lot of beer, energy drinks, food and fun. (One thing that probably didn’t improve was the amount of sleep we all got!)

I love hackathon for all the reasons above, put primarily it gives people the opportunity to meet and work with other team members in other parts of the company. I know that on my team we had Sales, Marketing, Design and three folks from Engineering, two here from HQ and the other from Bangalore who worked tirelessly into the night to stay awake with the rest of us on US time! Check out pictures from the event

At Blue Jeans, encouraging creativity and innovation are at the heart of what we do. Won’t you join us? You could be hacking up the next innovation to our product!