Last fall, the control panel froze in my car, therefore some of its functionality could not be accessed. While waiting for customer service to get back to me, I was able to research the answer on Tesla's forum. Essentially, I needed to reboot the car! I found my answer on a fantastic online community where other Tesla drivers post and answer questions. There were sections on everything from the motor to the fancy wifi enabled dashboard, and within each, drivers and Tesla employees seemed genuinely interested in posting thoughtful answers and helping each other out.  

I knew immediately that Blue Jeans needed its own customer community. I wanted to create a space for both customers and non-customers to interact, share ideas and use cases, and be given direct exposure to key players at Blue Jeans. I assembled a team I knew could put my idea into action and am pleased to announce that the Blue Jeans Community launches today, April 9, 2014!

Make your mark as an expert now in our global community. Be the first; to see announcements, engage with our most active customers, directly share product feedback, learn and share your innovative use cases, submit support cases, and become a Blue Jeans Champion

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