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The Best Video Conferencing Cameras for BlueJeans Meetings

Video Conferencing Camera for BlueJeans

Video conferencing cameras are a necessity for proper web conference meetings. High-quality video conferencing cameras can make an online meeting feel like a face-to-face one. It is all part of the heightened virtual collaboration experience, which is critical to making a web conference more practical. When purchasing video conferencing cameras for web meetings, you should keep a handful of critical details in mind to ask about before purchasing. After all, not all video conferencing cameras are created equal.


Web cameras have evolved from their predecessors at an alarming rate. There are now video conferencing cameras that can do high-definition video streaming and capture. Thanks to the increase in average bandwidth around the world, these cameras allow you to send more information to your meetings than was ever thought possible in the past. Depending on what type of meeting you're involved in, having a high quality video conferencing camera can make life a lot easier, allowing you to share your hand sketches without having to scan them into an image first, or simply let you get your point across clearer by having your face presented in crystal clear resolution.


Video conferencing cameras vary in their cost. The cheapest cameras are also those with the least amount of features. Pick one that does what you need and nothing more. You need to balance your cost of video conferencing with the returns you get from it. It may be necessary in some cases to invest in a more expensive camera because of some supported features. But usually, it’s more than sufficient to have a mid-cost camera that is able to send video reliably.

Frame Rate

Smooth capture isn't necessary for some applications. A standard 30FPS (frames per second) video conferencing camera is good enough for most office applications. A higher FPS value means that you get smoother video capture, but the camera also costs more to purchase. If you’re using a high-quality video conferencing platform such as Blue Jeans, you should be able to get by with a standard frames per second camera.

Low Light Quality

If the lighting in the area where you will be present for your meetings is low, this might be a major concern for you. Some cameras deal with low-light situations far better than others. You may find yourself spending more on a low-light camera, but if you can't change the bulbs in your meeting area to a higher intensity, it may be worth investing in a low-light camera.

Practicality Trumps All

When it comes to what you need to look for in a good video conferencing camera, the thing that you should put at the top of your list of characteristics is practicality. Once you've got the camera working and sending video reliably, you're all set to get your video conferencing done right. Combined with best-in-class audio, BlueJeans can help you have the meetings that are better than being there.

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