While most of us have come to embrace the distraction of pets or kids during virtual work meetings, there are some days when you want to put the focus back on yourself – or at least mask what’s happening in the background. The good news is BlueJeans makes it simple to blur the background in both the Virtual Meetings and Virtual Events platforms. Here’s how.

How to Blur the Background in BlueJeans Meetings and Events

In BlueJeans, you can blur your background before you join or while attending a meeting or event. To blur the background before joining, navigate to Preferences, select Video Background, and toggle “on” for Blur Background. To blur during a meeting or event, go to Settings, Choose Virtual Background, and toggle “on” for Blur Background.

We also have a video tutorial if you want to see how it works in action. 

To learn more, check out these virtual background tips you can use in BlueJeans Meetings and Events.

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