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Acxiom Creates Human Connections Over BlueJeans Video Conferencing

Creating meaningful interactions for customers through data has been the driving force behind Acxiom’s 45-year legacy in the technology and services industry. In the business of helping customers develop efficient solutions that increase the user experience, Acxiom enables people-based marketing ‘everywhere’ through a simple, open approach to connecting systems and data.

While driving seamless customer experiences is core to Acxiom’s business, Brad Thessing, Senior Manager of IT, quickly realized the company’s internal collaboration strategy was anything but. He decided to approach Acxiom’s internal workforce with the same customer-centric philosophy—to provide safe and easy data and seamless interactions to very targeted audiences, thus yielding positive engagements.

Subsequently, a new department under the leadership of Thessing, Acxiom Workplace Experience, was developed to assess and implement collaboration technology that would meet the diverse needs of its workforce, as well as utilize its initial investment of existing video conference rooms and hardware.

Given the scale and complexity of Acxiom’s goal- simple, efficient, and consistent connection, Thessing began with assessing the plethora of challenges:

  1. One third of the company’s workforce is remote and/or frequently travel, thus require a seamless mobile access
  2. 125 had outdated conference rooms and cumbersome technology resulting in frustrated users and numerous IT support tickets issued
  3. Their desktop video calling tool had problematic setups or installations, thus frustrating users and deterring them from using the tool
  4. The existing solution wasn’t able to sustain employee engagement, maintain online connection, and reduce background noise with remote employees during livestream quarterly town halls 

Despite the extensive list of challenges, Thessing soon discovered that BlueJeans offered the perfect solutions. Given that mobile access was critical to connecting Acxiom’s remote workforce, BlueJeans Meetings was selected because it offers a simple and reliable one-touch meeting experience.  For those joining via a browser, users can join without downloading or installing. The BlueJeans Mobile App, a powerful, fully-featured meeting solution for workers on-the-go, lets anyone attend and host an interactive conference call or engage in a town hall from an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. 

Further integration with Outlook 365, allows for easy, seamless scheduling and in-app meeting join. And, for those who reside in Acxiom offices, BlueJeans Rooms allows for their existing hardware to be converted into a one-touch meeting experience. Given Acxiom’s initial investment in 125 conference rooms, the BlueJeans Rooms platform allowed for the investment to be retained. Finally, the high-touch, high-visibility challenge of hosting large-scale townhalls is easily accomplished with BlueJeans Events. With the ability to host up to 15,00 participants and utilize BlueJeans Accelerator which optimizes network bandwidth, collaboration amongst attendees is attainable.    

Solutions are successful only if they are utilized. In 2019 alone, Acxiom conducted over 200,000 BlueJeans meetings—totalling 30 million minutes in 81 counties and resulting in a 97% positive user rating. 

Acxiom already powered exceptional customer experiences. Now, with BlueJeans, Acxiom is driving exceptional employee experiences, as well!

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