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Questions to Ask When Curating & Nourishing A Collaboration Environment

Expanding a Collaboration Environment is Like Growing a Garden

It's hard to expect a garden to grow by simply tossing some seeds on the ground—and the same goes for implementing workplace collaboration technology that thrives in the long haul. However, with these four steps, you can accurately assess your collaboration environment holistically, helping to enhance your company’s IT experience and realize a higher return on your investments.

Step 1: Choosing Your Collaboration SolutionsStep 1: Choosing Your Collaboration Solutions

Selecting Seeds

First, figure out what to plant, based on what you'd like your garden to look like in the end.

Ask: What are the issues you're experiencing that will require a collaboration system? What solutions are out there that address those problems? Do they solve multiple problems, or just one or two? What's your budget like? How many people will use the solution? Are they long-term or short-term solutions? Do they require constant upkeep?

Step 2: Getting Ready to ImplementStep 2: Getting Ready to Implement

Preparing and Planting

Now you're ready to plant the seeds.

Ask: What other resources will you need to make these solutions work in your environment? Will you need to hire anyone to administer them? Will you need internal help implementing them? What's your timeline for the entire project—implementation, training, and widespread use?

Step 3: Measuring & MonitoringStep 3: Measuring and Monitoring

Watering and Caring for the Garden

Now the heavy lifting is done... but that doesn't mean you get to sit back and relax. You have to monitor the garden.

Ask: Are people using your solutions? Do they find it confusing, and was your training sufficient? Are certain teaming finding better success than others? Are the proper means in place to measure the investment and its cadence of use? 

Step 4: Gaining ReturnsStep 4: Gaining Returns and Boosting Bottom Line

Harvesting and Growing More

Your flowers are blooming, and maybe you've even gotten your first harvest of veggies.

Ask: Are you closely monitoring to grow adoption and iterating to ensure that your collaboration environment is as conducive to productive workflows as possible? Are you keeping an eye on use, and are you following up with parties who need assistance? Are you measuring and tracking your gains to reinforce the choices you made were the right ones? Are you carefully calculating returns from your investment to ensure you’re achieving efficiencies?

Growing a garden isn't easy—and neither is implementing workplace technology. However, with the right tools and a little bit of patience, your garden will grow faster than you thought possible.

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