BlueJeans Features The Dolby Conference Phone

With the incomparable Dolby sound experience, you can trust that your video conference calls will never be the same. The audio quality of a traditional conference call can remind you of many environments that are not conducive to a productive meeting: the rush of air in an airplane cabin, a crowded coffee shop or a busy street. With Dolby audio integration, you can work on the go from your favorite coffee shop, in an airport lounge, or virtually anywhere without worrying that your audio quality will be compromised.

BlueJeans Features The Dolby Conference Phone

Dolby Conference Phone Utilizes Spatial Audio

Empowered with 360-degree audio, voices throughout a room, no matter how distant, are clearly audible. Spatial audio technology involves the separation of sounds, and voices, for your video conference call. With the BlueJeans Dolby Audio integration, this translates into more productive and unparalleled audio for video calls, webinars, online meetings, and pretty much any other video conferencing or audio-only conference call deployment. When conversations flow more naturally, better conference calls happen.

Optimal Audio Clarity Anywhere In the Room

The circular shape means no more awkward contortion or leaning over co-workers to make sure your voice is being picked up adequately and heard by important clients, team members, or partners on the other line. Wherever you are in the room, the Dolby Conference Phone ensures your valuable contributions are communicated the first time, every time, without audio distractions, static or frustrating echos. Whether further away from the Dolby Conference Phone (say, standing up taking meeting notes or drawing at a whiteboard or making a presentation across the room) or sitting closer by engaged in an important conversation, the Dolby Conference Phone will never miss a minute. The Dolby Conference Phone takes your BlueJeans video and audio conference calls to the next level with intuitive, superior meeting setup functionality. The Dolby Conference Phone’s touch-screen interface lets you quickly initiate, join and facilitate meetings with easy access to key features.

Better In-Room and Remote Audio Conferencing Experiences

Dolby Conference Phone audio quality is so advanced, it sounds like you’re in the room—even if you’re not. Dolby digital enables your audio conferencing calls to sound natural - as if you were talking to someone directly next to you or in the same room - without distorting your voice (or the voices of those you’re talking with). This is particularly significant to consider when it comes to productive meeting workflows. Stopping during a video conference to differentiate between who is speaking is time-consuming and forces you to expend considerable mental energy as you take notes and attribute ideas, comments and other valuable information to co-workers.

Dolby Digital Conference Call: Increase Participation and Engagement

If you perceive that no one can hear you, or that your contributions won’t come through clearly enough, you may avoid chiming in during that next conference call or all-hands meeting. This is how typical conference calls usually are: an obligatory waste of time and resources, and a missed opportunity to conduct a productive audio conference call, online meeting, or team check-in.

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