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A friend sent you the On Mute Video and you laughed your head off.  You heard the voicemail ad and winced, because it hit a little too close to home.  You admired the billboard for a good 5 minutes while sitting in 15 mph morning rush hour traffic.   We’re stoked that you love the #OnMute campaign and we bet you’re wondering how we hatched this idea. 

So, what is sh*t that happens on mute, doesn’t happen on video really about?

Imagine yourself in a 20-person audio conference call.   Though there was a multitude of beeps that announced each participant’s entry to the call, still you’re not quite sure who's on the line.  Some said hello and gave their names.  Some you could barely hear.  Some put themselves on mute.  While others you wish would put themselves on mute.  While listening in on the quarterly projections, your stomach rumbles.  It is 10:00 AM Eastern at headquarters, but it’s barely time for breakfast here in California. While the moderator runs through her presentation, you begin preparing your daily shake.  Then you realize a very audible silence. 

“Um, can someone put their blender on mute?”

Sh*t that happens on mute, doesn’t happen on video.  

What happens on audio, doesn’t happen on video. That means that the temptations, distractions, and lack of visual interaction too often drain the effectiveness of audio-only meetings.   Audio fails to deliver the same effectiveness as real-time, face-to-face engagement.  At the same time, this connectivity is increasing demands on our time and escalates the constant pressure to remain “on the clock” — no matter what’s going on.  Businesses need better communication systems that support a distributed workforce, help eliminate wasted time, improve the effectiveness of meetings, and aid relationship-building. We may offend some eyes and ears, but the On Mute campaign pokes fun at these widely agreed-upon assumptions and challenges- all in good fun. 

We love that you love the campaign enjoy reading your hilarious On Mute stories.  Share them now for a chance to get your story made into a video!