Web Conferencing for Client Services

Those in the business of client services know building long-lasting relationships are pivotal to an organization's success and reputation. No matter what you're dealing with, clients come first, and as demanding as they can be, you'll need a quality web conferencing system to keep your clients updated every step of the way.

Check out how Blue Jeans web conferencing tools help companies improve their client relations and drive results.

Meet on a Whim, From Anywhere

When servicing clients, you should always be reachable. It's hard to do that when your web conferencing service is limited to your physical workplace. Blue Jeans iOS and Android mobile apps lets you jump on a video call whenever you need to. Achieve a better work-life balance while still being available for your clients.

Blue Jeans syncs with Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar straight from mobile or desktop so you keep track of your agenda in one centralized place even while out of the office. When you meet with your client over the Blue Jeans platform, they'll have the option to connect from any device, operating system, browser or room system they desire.

Share Your Results

Servicing your clients is all about reporting results and sharing the deliverables expected of you. The last thing you want to do is screen share a grainy image of the expert presentation you've put together. Blue Jeans HD Content Sharing feature showcases the awesome content you've created in 1080p high resolution. Your client can zoom in on any nuanced detail to get the full scope of what they're looking at while keeping the speaker in clear sight with dual streaming technology.

Everything You Want Out of a Conference System

Rich Mintz, executive vice president of Blue State Digital, a digital strategy and technology firm whose campaigns have enabled various nonprofits and brands to build action-oriented communities prefers Blue Jeans to any other web conferencing system he's used.

Blue Jeans works every time, the connections are reliable, sound and video quality are great and the user interface is simple. It's really everything I want out of a conferencing system. It works so well for me that it recedes into the background and I never think about it, and I always prefer Blue Jeans over everything else, even Skype.


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