Video Training

With Blue Jeans, it's easy to conduct remote video training sessions for your team. Regardless of geographic location, you can get everyone on the same page with a single video conference. Whether you're guiding a small team, or training a large global workforce, Blue Jeans provides a seamless experience so you can focus on the things that really matter.

Multi-Party Meetings

Blue Jeans can support up to 25 interactive participants in standard meetings, and up to 100 with the Blue Jeans Large Meetings add-on feature. With Blue Jeans' host controls like auto muting new participants upon entry, meetings always run smoothly and efficiently.

Works With a Range of Devices

Blue Jeans allows you to connect with everyone you need to reach, thanks to our wide range of access options. Video training participants can join the meeting from their web browser, their mobile phone, tablet, software based video clients like Cisco Jabber or Polycom RealPresence, as well as H.323 and SIP conference room video systems. So you can carry out your training session without a hitch.

Content Sharing

If you want to share any supplementary materials during your training presentation, Blue Jeans supports rich, high definition content sharing. With dual-stream support, both the video conference feed and the shared content will come through clearly. Users can even share video content, perfectly synchronized so that everyone sees the same content at the same time, with no external media players necessary. Conducting a video training seminar has never been easier.

Whether you're revving up your sales team for a new quarter, conducting an HR compliance seminar, or running a development training session, Blue Jeans video conferencing makes it easier, faster, and more effective.

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