Video Therapy & Healthcare

Video technology has the potential to change a huge range of industries, not least of which is healthcare. From telemedicine and remote consultations, to the continuing education of medical staff and video therapy, there's no shortage of ways in which video conferencing can advance medicine. Check out some of the ways Blue Jeans video conferencing is being applied in the medical field:


Blue Jeans video technology opens up the doors for telemedicine in new and exciting ways. Around the world, there is a massive disparity in the quality and availability of healthcare according to geographic location. For those in underserved rural areas, telemedicine offers an opportunity to receive high quality medical care from a doctor, consultant, or therapist regardless of their location.

Specialization and Second Opinions

In the event of unfamiliar symptoms and complex diagnoses, medical video conferencing has the power to connect patients and local care providers with access to specialists in any given field. Virtually all it takes is an internet connection and a camera, meaning an out of town doctor can easily deliver a long distance second opinion or consultation for a patient without the need for either party to travel.

Video Therapy

Video conferencing services like Blue Jeans offer a way for patients to connect face to face long after they leave care facilities. With video therapy, group sessions can happen among a widespread group of participants, fostering a sense of community and teamwork which might otherwise be absent or unavailable. Video therapy lets participants get access to the treatment they need from the comfort of their home environment.

Research & Collaboration

Healthcare providers are using Blue Jeans to bridge communications between clinics, supporting meaningful collaboration without distance restrictions. Medical researchers can collaborate on the most recent developments with their peers in different locations, expediting the research process and moving medicine forward at an accelerated pace.

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