Video Conferencing Solutions

With Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions, the world gets a lot smaller. With the ability to connect across a wider network of devices and platforms, and with the features to make those communications more productive, Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions are revolutionizing the way we connect.

Let's consider some stats. Based on a 2014 survey of business decision makers:

  • 85% reported the desire for a single, unified service for all remote and online meetings, rather than using separate tools for audio, web, and video conferencing.
  • 65% wanted face-to-face video in most or all of their online meetings
  • 73% preferred to discuss sensitive HR issues over face-to-face video
  • 80% would have rather spoken with a customer using face-to-face video technology
  • 87% wanted to connect with their manager using face-to-face video

Beneficial to a Wide Range of Industries

Blue Jeans offers video conferencing solutions for a range of industries. Check out some of the ways in which professionals in every sector are using Blue Jeans to make their jobs easier:

Regardless of your industry, Blue Jeans is ready to deliver secure and scalable video conferencing technology to let you work more efficiently.

Flexible Interoperability

One of the elements that makes Blue Jeans such a valuable addition to your business toolbox is its flexible interoperability. Because the system operates from the cloud, it's able to connect with other conferencing platforms, making it the seamless video conferencing solution. Joining a meeting is simple, and involves little more than click an email link invitation, and meeting participants can use the device of their choice.

From web browsers and desktop software-based video clients, to H.323/Sip room and telepresence systems, Blue Jeans connects everyone in a single virtual location. Users on the go can even join video conferences from their mobile device using the Blue Jeans app, available for both iOS and Android devices. We know your job requires you to be flexible, so we've created a video conferencing solution that can keep up with you.

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