Video Conferencing Software Interoperability

At Blue Jeans Network, we strive to make communications more streamlined and efficient for our users. One of the ways we do that is by removing the barriers between different video conferencing software systems, platforms, and devices. Our signature interoperability lets users communicate with their clients, colleagues, and customers regardless of which system they might be using, making it that much easier to connect. Check out the details below:

Multi-Vendor Interoperability

Blue Jeans simplifies communication by supporting multi-vendor interoperability because we believe that your conferencing system should be as flexible as your favorite pair of blue jeans. Our services bridge the gap between major video conferencing software vendors, letting everyone connect regardless of their chosen platform, whether that's Microsoft Lync, Cisco Jabber, LifeSize Softphone, Avaya Scopia, or Polycom RealPresence. By leveraging the cloud, Blue Jeans provides a solution that can connect devices in multi-party video conferences without the need for additional MCU hardware.

Multi-Device Interoperability

Aside from the software interoperability, Blue Jeans also lets users join the meeting from the device of their choosing. Blue Jeans is accessible from your desktop video conferencing software system, mobile device, room system, or through a web browser, so you can connect from the port that's most convenient at the moment. For audio connections, Blue Jeans even supports audio bridge connections by (PSTN) public switched telephone network.

  • Mobile Conferencing
    Blue Jeans is the premiere video conferencing application for mobile devices that supports interoperable conferencing with non-mobile participants. Download the iOS or Android app from Blue Jeans to access interoperable mobile video collaboration with a full suite of features like document sharing, in-meeting messaging, and meeting customization options. You're busy, and your business collaboration system should be able to keep up with you while you're on the go.
  • Room Systems
    For users that want to leverage an existing conference room system, Blue Jeans is accessible through any H.323 or SIP room system, and can connect conference room participants to other platforms for greater versatility.
  • Web Browser Access
    Blue Jeans supports all major browsers like Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer, so you can join a high definition video conference without even opening a new application.

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