Video Conferencing: Software & Hardware Free - Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans is based on the cloud, letting users set up video conferencing, software and hardware free. While earlier conferencing technologies would require an expensive hardware MCU (Multipoint Control Unit), Blue Jeans eliminates that need thanks to its innovative cloud-based deployment. And that's quite a boon to your budget considering the up to 75% savings when compared to the total cost of ownership for a typical hardware based MCU for five years.

With Blue Jeans, users experience risk free adoption, simple enterprise scaling for their growing business, and the ability to bridge the gap between different video conferencing software systems, so all relevant parties can join the meeting.

Want to learn more? Check out some of the aspects that make hardware and software-free video conferencing so valuable for business.

  • Risk Free Adoption
    Business can leverage cloud based service from Blue Jeans to mitigate investment risk. There's no capital expenditure requirements for new hardware or software, so you can sample Blue Jeans with simple adoption and implementation.

    With our two week free trial, new users can try out Blue Jeans for themselves risk-free before making a decision. After you make the decision, integrating with your existing communications systems is a breeze, and instant deployment means you can start video conferencing immediately.
  • Simple Enterprise Scaling
    With no hardware or software, it's easy to scale your subscription to fit the growing needs of your enterprise business. The cloud based service is flexible, so getting new hires started with Blue Jeans is as simple as adding new licenses and virtual ports as the need arises. No matter how fast your business grows, Blue Jeans is always the perfect fit, just like your favorite pair of blue jeans.
  • Flexible Interoperability
    Because Blue Jeans runs completely on the cloud, conference participants are able to join the meeting from the access point of their choice. Whether they'd like to use their third party software system, join from the web browser, or connect from a dedicated room system, Blue Jeans can connect everyone in a unified, streamlined video conference.

Sign up for a 14 day unlimited free trial using the range of live meeting tools available with Blue Jeans today!