Ditching the Video Conferencing Rental

At Blue Jeans Network, we've simplified the video conferencing experience, breaking down the boundaries between platforms and ironed out the kinks common to other video providers. Isn't it time you found a better solution to your enterprise communication needs than video conferencing rental services? Keep reading to find out more about how Blue Jeans can help your company.

Save Time, Money, and Effort

Because Blue Jeans operates from the cloud, there's no need for your company to invest in expensive hardware MCU's or other software products. We work with your existing video programs to ensure a seamless and effective conferencing experience. Rather than rent video conference rooms and equipment, Blue Jeans is accessible from almost any device with a camera and an internet connection. It couldn't be easier to conduct your enterprise communications.

Your Choice of Device

Blue Jeans gives you the option to choose which device best suits your needs, whether that's on your computer, a room system, your mobile device, or a standard phone.

  • Computer: Anyone with a computer can easily access video meetings with Blue Jeans, simply by clicking a URL invitation in their web browser. Blue Jeans supports Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
  • Room System: Blue Jeans lets users connect with anyone, even meeting participants who wish to use a room system. Meetings with Blue Jeans are supported by any room system running an SIP or H.323 protocol.
  • Mobile Device: Joining a meeting on your smartphone or tablet device is easy with Blue Jeans. We have apps for devices running both iOS and Android, letting users take their video conferencing with them no matter where they're headed. Even better? The Blue Jeans app has the full range of features like high definition content sharing, and works over a 4G/LTE connection.
  • PSTN: Blue Jeans is so flexible, you can join from a Public Switched Telephone Network. We provide the audio bridge to connect you to your meeting from a landline or mobile phone, so you can stay in the loop, even if you aren't visible.

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