Connecting Video Conferencing Companies

Video conferencing is familiar territory for most of the business world, but being able to bridge the gap between the services of different video conferencing companies? Now that's something to get excited about. At Blue Jeans Network, we've worked to make that interoperability between platforms a reality. Check out the details of video conferencing with Blue Jeans below:

Cloud-Based Conferencing

Because Blue Jeans operates with a cloud-based interface, there's no need for your business to invest in expensive hardware MCU's or software systems. Users can simply use their preferred choice of any of the major video conferencing companies. Blue Jeans expands the reach of your computer-based, mobile, or room system, giving you access to virtually anyone you could wish to contact.


Blue Jeans is compatible with all of the major hardware and software video platforms, making us the video conferencing bridge that's as flexible as your favorite pair of blue jeans. Whether you're connecting through Microsoft Lync, LifeSize SoftPhone, Cisco Jabber, or Polycom RealPresence, we've got you covered.

Additional Features

There's more to Blue Jeans than simple video conferencing, Blue Jeans users have advanced features that allow them to communicate more effectively with their clients and colleagues.

  • HD Content and Video Sharing: With rich, high definition content sharing up to 1080p, it's easy to conduct marketing presentations, review files, and collaborate on projects. Blue Jeans even supports synchronized video sharing within the conference, so everyone sees the same information simultaneously without the need for external media players.
  • Meeting Recording: Want to review a meeting for something you might have missed? With Blue Jeans meeting recording, you can access all of the video, audio, and content from the meeting. Our add-on service, Enhanced Recording, gives users unlimited storage, online playback, and additional sharing options as well. Blue Jeans helps to bridge the gaps between incompatible systems for a seamless communication experience.
  • Customer Support: Everyone who signs up for Blue Jeans is automatically enrolled with our standard service plan for unlimited email, phone, and online support. Or upgrade to our premium service plan for 24/7 support, as well as technical support and training.

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