Attend Meetings Wherever You Happen to Be

The popularity of smartphones and tablets is taking the world by storm, and the business community is finding more uses than ever to increase the productivity and communication capabilities through these devices.

For any organization to be successful, they need a flexible and intuitive communication platform that leverages easy-to-use video conferences apps.

Let's take a look at Blue Jeans video conferencing apps below.


Blue Jeans offers iOS and Android mobile apps to turn your mobile device into the ultimate virtual conference room. Connect seamlessly to colleagues or clients using room systems, browsers, Microsoft Lync, Skype, Jabber, Hangouts and other types of conferencing endpoints with a few simple touches on your mobile phone. As long as you have at least a 3G Wi-Fi connection your picture and any content you need to share will come in crystal clear.


Any decently sized organization needs to communicate often, which yields quite the jam-packed slate of meetings on a week-to-week basis. Blue Jeans Relay enables a touch-to-join interface connecting calendar applications, conference room systems and tablet computers for a no-hassle virtual meeting experience neatly displayed for all to keep track of. Deploy Android tablets in your conference room systems, integrate Google Calendar and let participants join meetings without having to dial in or enter a meeting ID. Blue Jeans Relay creates a simple joining process for your room systems whether you're communicating with another office internally or with an important client.

Schedulers & Extensions

In addition to Relay and our mobile apps, we also have a variety of schedulers and extensions to let you customize your workflow in the way that suits you best. Here's an overview of the other apps Blue Jeans users are taking advantage of:

  • Blue Jeans Desktop App for Mac and Windows
  • Microsoft Outlook Add-in
  • Blue Jeans Scheduler for Macs
  • Google Chrome Browser Extension
  • Safari Browser Extension
  • Blue Jeans in Browsers (all browser compatible)

Call us today to learn more about how Blue Jeans video conferencing apps can revolutionize the way your company operates. Sign up for an unlimited two-week free trial or schedule a live demo to experience the ease of Blue Jeans for yourself!