Blue Jeans Provides Collaboration Opportunities

The ability to look your colleague right in the eye when you're trying to convey an idea or concept is something that's always been valuable in the business world.

Blue Jeans is in the business of providing video conferencing solutions that enable you to do exactly that, even if your colleague is halfway around the world.

We provide cloud-based, secure video conferencing solutions for the companies that value the collaborative process in forming new ideas to enhance a company's performance.

Let's take a look at how our video conferences help tie widespread organizations together.

A Conduit for Collaboration

With the advent of video conferencing technology, large enterprises with offices around the world can be brought closer together.

Blue Jeans has made video conferences an even closer and more collaborative experience. In introducing companies to our cloud-based solution, we are getting people excited about communicating with distant co-workers again, providing a new means and opportunities for sharing ideas and concepts in real-time.

Features that Encourage Sharing

Through our cloud-based video conferencing system, we can provide you with the ability to share documents and presentations in real-time. This will provide you with an expanded visual capability when making a presentation or pitch to your colleagues or customers.

The sharing feature supports all standard file and video formats. You are even able to present a video without the need for other viewers to download video player applications. This is an important consideration for viewers using a mobile platform to join the meeting.

In being able to visually arrange the feeds from potentially up to 100 separate endpoint users with our Large Meeting add-on, you also have control of the content that everyone sees while still having your presenter window in an separate adjustable view window.

Our cloud-based system provides all of these features with enterprise-grade safety and security. We provide encryption that utilizes a variety of security management features including a network of firewalls and single sign-on (SSO) convenience.

Making Your Point

By providing you with the tools to enhance the points that you are making in your presentation, we make your presentation more effective. By using Blue Jean's Command Center, you're able to see who that message is getting to and how it is being delivered, in addition to a bunch of other insightful analytics laid out in a neatly displayed charts and graphs.

Find out more about the collaborative possibilities enjoyed by Blue Jeans customers. Contact us today to speak with one of knowledgeable staff member. Or, if you're ready to hit the ground running, sign up for an unlimited 14-day free trial or schedule a live demo.