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Regardless of your industry, meetings are a regular part of any professional career. While the best can be insightful and productive, there are certainly no shortage of mundane elements that can make meeting planning and execution seem to drag on and on, taking up valuable time during the workday and leading to unnecessary roadblocks in productivity. For any business running into these problems, there's a cloud-based solution waiting to save you a few headaches. With Blue Jeans video conference service, intuitive contact and calendar integrations make it a breeze to schedule meetings.

Check out how Blue Jeans makes video conference planning fast, simple, and straightforward:

  • Google Calendars Integration
    Your business can easily integrate existing calendars with Blue Jeans to schedule a video conference, accelerating the planning and scheduling time frame for meetings. For users that use Google Calendars, the Blue Jeans Safari and Chrome browser extensions allow you to schedule Blue Jeans meetings within your Google Calendar.
  • Microsoft Outlook Integration
    With Blue Jeans, you can import your contacts to simplify meeting invitations and connect with your existing clients, colleagues, and customers. By installing the Microsoft Outlook add-in for Blue Jeans, users can easily integrate their email contacts and calendar invitations for a streamlined meeting planning experience. It's the simple way to invite your Outlook contacts to a video conference across multiple platforms.
  • URL Invitations
    Setting up a video conference with Blue Jeans removes the barriers between different conferencing systems and communication methods, and lets users join the meeting from the endpoint of their choice. To avoid confusion and get the meeting started with minimal interruption, Blue Jeans users can simple email meeting participants a click-to-join URL invitation for instant access to the secure conference. Our platform let's all meeting participants meet on the cloud, for a single, unified video conferencing solution to connect users across different offices and companies.
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