Video Conference Hardware Eliminated

Physical hardware has become a thing of the past when it comes to storing and sharing information. These days the cloud reigns supreme in being able to share ideas, data and maintain working relationships without ever being in the same physical location.

Blue Jeans takes the conveniences of an invisible cloud infrastructure while also eliminating any downloadable software to give you an online meeting platform that's ready to go instantly from anywhere with an Internet connection and camera.

Don't pay for expensive video conference hardware or the specialized people you need to maintain it. Join out happy fleet of customers and upgrade to a communication system that actually fits your organization.

There are many reasons why eliminating conferencing hardware and software is beneficial, but here are just a few things that will sweeten the deal when you decide to ditch that old set up:

  • More cost-effective for the company: No one needs to be responsible for monitoring use or updating software. Your IT employees can focus their time where it's needed most.
  • More flexibility: You aren't limited to having meetings in one room with dedicated equipment. If you're in the mood to sit in the courtyard on a nice sunny day while you talk about the budget reports and the year's projections, you can do just that.
  • Just the right size: When you get rid of your video conference hardware and use Blue Jeans, you can structure the service to fit just right for your company. Set standard usage rates across your organization with burst rate support for those busy meeting days. Companies also enjoy the scaling flexibility of adding accounts in any quantity and at any time, no more having to predict the future. Instead scale the way that makes sense for your organization.
  • Blue Jeans is ready to use instantly: There is nothing to delay you from using Blue Jeans right away. No installation or equipment is required, letting you get right down to business from the start.

More in the Cloud, Less on Your Plate

Say goodbye to unnecessary costs and maintaining archaic equipment. Thanks to Blue Jeans being able to operate from the cloud, you can be proactive instantaneously.

Ready to say goodbye to the old world of video conferencing? Contact us today to learn more, or sign up for an unlimited two-week free trial!