Video Communication Systems

The lifeblood of any organization depends entirely on the strength of its communication. Whether that's internal communication between employees or external communication with clients, vendors and partners – the organization that communicates effectively will achieve success more times than not. Practicing poor communication derails project timelines and fails to establish proper client expectations. When poor communication is practiced by a superior, employees can feel alienated from the rest of the company, and eventually, disengaged in their day-to-day role.

When you implement trusted and flexible video communication systems into your organization's infrastructure, you'll see these problems disappear quickly.

Face-to-Face Engagement

As noted above, poor communication leads to a disengaged employee base. Maybe it doesn't happen overnight, but the longer you go without fixing root issues, the effect is inevitable. How can employees feel motivated to contribute with a lack of direction from their management? How can they take meetings seriously when the discussions keep looping without clear conclusions and action items to take away? How is one supposed to feel important or that they're valued when their superior barely bothers to check in aside from the occasional negative feedback?

BlueJeans changes all that through a high-quality, interactive conferencing designed to improve rapport and collaboration.

Flexible Connectivity and Sharing

BlueJeans won't solve these issues on its own, but what it will do is provide for a high-quality video meeting platform to better tie your organization together. When something needs to be discussed, all affected team members can sync up over crystal clear video through a variety of devices and from anywhere. If you need to share a document or video, BlueJeans Rich Content and Video Sharing can take care of that. Preload your files to the platform and be able to share instantly during your meeting. You can also save up to 50GBs of data on your cloud account, perfect for keeping all your meeting agenda content in one place.

Keeping the Discussion on Track

Those still suspicious of the value behind video communication systems might argue that discussing things verbally and over video is hardly the forum for clear discourse and collaboration. However, with BlueJeans Group Text Chat, meeting attendees can type messages to each during a meeting without interrupting the present discussion. Handy moderator controls also help to limit disruptions with a "Push-to-Talk" feature requiring attendees to signal when they want to say something.

See the Whole Picture

Perhaps the most effective feature from a communication perspective is our dual-streaming support, which keeps attendees and the content they're sharing visible in separate windows. A lot can be lost in verbal communication when we can't see the speaker's facial cues. According to a report we conducted in 2013, 90 percent of business professionals agree that video conferencing makes meetings more efficient, with a similar 91 percent believing it to improve clarity and help them understand the discussion.

The moral of the story is email is if you want to improve your organization's operating power, implement a video communications system and watch employee engagement soar.

Contact us today to learn more about BlueJeans video communication systems, or check out our latest study "A Screen Star at Work" here.