Video Communications Solutions

Once upon a time, businesses were based on relationships – a handshake and a sold-as-oak agreement. As the world economy grew and became globalized, we lost the personal touch and importance of the business relationship for the sake of convenience. But gone are the dark days of cold, text-based relationships. The rise of video communications solutions is here. With telecommunication, you can bend time and space and be in two places at the same time.

In the 21st century, people are connecting with each other once again in a way that hasn't quite been possible at any other point in history. BlueJeans Network brings these kinds of video communications solutions to market.

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Multi-Vendor Interoperability

People love options. It's what is so great about living in such a diverse economy: having choices. But, as with people, not all businesses make the exact same choices regarding their communication platform. Having choices doesn't mean you should be penalized for the option you pick; which is why we at BlueJeans Network made the most interoperable service available on the market. We have direct integration with the following brands:

  • Avaya Scopia
  • LifeSize Softphone
  • Polycom RealPresence
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype

Document Sharing

Making the best of every conference is what you should be reaching towards. Preparation is required to make sure everyone in attendance receives your objective message. When you use BlueJeans, you make the preparation process that much easier on yourself – simply upload the desired supporting materials onto our server and share them in real-time to all in attendees. Financial reports, graphs, documents and even video – all in 1080p HD clarity.

Mobile Access

With the invention of smart phones and tablets, "work" has quickly become more of a verb and less of a place. We are a people on the move and shouldn't be limited by the confines of corporate space. It is for this reason that BlueJeans Network has created the most portable telecom platform around with our BlueJeans app, available for download on iOS and Android markets. Take your meeting to the coffee shop. The mall. Your living room. Anywhere with an internet connection. Don't have an internet connection? Don't worry! With PSTN audio, you can dial into any meeting from your landline or mobile phone with a special access code.

We recently released a report that found that 85 percent of employees use video in their everyday lives, yet only 28 percent of employers are proactively encouraging its use in the workplace – read the entire report: "A Screen Star at Work" here.

If you'd like to see how BlueJeans can help you achieve success in the workplace, contact us today or request a live demo to see how it works.