Video Collaboration with Blue Jeans

With Blue Jeans, business meetings take on a new life, with powerful video collaboration support features. From the start, Blue Jeans was designed with the enterprise user in mind, meaning every detail contributes to an easier, more streamlined collaboration experience. Check out some of the features that make Blue Jeans the superior video collaboration tool:

Signature Interoperability

With Blue Jeans, everyone can join the meeting with ease. Blue Jeans enables users to connect from a wide range of third party access points, so meeting participants can choose the device or the program that best suits their needs at the time. While video conferencing systems of the past relied on a hardware MCU to bridge these connections, Blue Jeans operates from the cloud, facilitating lightweight, fully interoperable video collaboration.

Blue Jeans supports the following end-points:

  • Web Browser (Safari, Firefox, Chrome, & Internet Explorer)
  • Mobile Device
  • Room System (H.323 & SIP)
  • Software Based Video Clients
  • Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
  • Google Hangouts

Scalable Meetings

Blue Jeans enables scalable meetings with up to 25 distinct participant endpoints. There are intuitive administrative controls like auto-muting participants when they join the meeting. These allow meeting organizers to keep conferences efficient and productive. With the Large Meetings add-on feature, Blue Jeans can support up to 100 interactive participants, perfect for organization-wide updates, compliance education, or corporate training sessions.

Rich Content & High Definition Video Sharing

With rich content sharing, Blue Jeans makes video collaboration more productive. Conference participants are able to share relevant materials like slideshows, documents, and spreadsheets in real time, all without opening an additional program or leaving the conference window.

Blue Jeans users can even share high definition video content, with synchronized playback for all participants. So whether you're previewing the latest ad campaign or sharing a product demonstration, Blue lets you set up a virtual screening room. Users can pre-load files to their personal account, enabling quick access during the meeting, so you can share what you want, when you want it. And with the meeting recording features, meeting organizers have the opportunity to review all shared content, so there's no more worrying about lost files or unsaved work.

Sign up for a two unlimited free trial using Blue Jeans and experience better video collaboration for yourself today!