Unified Communication Solutions

As our communications proliferate across an ever-broadening array of devices, it helps to have one centralized communication platform. Blue Jeans is the ideal unified communication platform, allowing users to connect with one another from the device of their choice by leveraging the cloud. From enterprise-grade security to single sign-on compatibility, Blue Jeans is designed to streamline your communications.

Check out some of the features that make Blue Jeans unified communication solutions perfect for enterprise users:

Scalable Service

Blue Jeans makes it easy to scale video conferencing service to fit the needs of a growing enterprise team. Because Blue Jeans operates from the cloud, there's no investment in expensive hardware, or installing clunky software systems. Blue Jeans users can simply add virtual ports and licenses as the need arises, so our service always fits your team like a great pair of blue jeans.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

For enterprise users, Blue Jeans is compatible with SSO vendors like Okta, Ping, and OneLogin which use SAML. By leveraging a single sign-on, Blue Jeans clients see an average of 15x growth in users as well as 8x growth in meetings.

Enterprise-Grade Security Features

At Blue Jeans Network, we understand the importance of secure communications, so Blue Jeans is equipped with enterprise-grade security features to protect your information and data. Using firewalls and NAT traversals, Blue Jeans lets users meet with confidence and privacy.

Software & Device Interoperabilitys

Blue Jeans enables users to connect from the video connection of their choice, whether that's a room system, a mobile device, their web browser, or even third-party software systems. Check out some of the software systems and devices Blue Jeans users can utilize to connect:

  • Room Systems: Blue Jeans is compatible with any H.323 or SIP room system
  • Mobile Devices: Blue Jeans has mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices
  • Software Systems: Cisco Jabber, Microsoft Lync, Polycom RealPresence, and LifeSize Softphone
  • Web Browser: Users can access Blue Jeans from Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox
  • Audio Connection: Blue Jeans also supports PSTN audio connections

Sign up for a two week unlimited free trial of Blue Jeans service and experience the difference that a better unified communication system can make for your business!