The Virtual Modern Conference Room - Blue Jeans Network

Meetings have always been a routine part of the working world. In the good ole days, we wasted inordinate amounts of time traveling for face-to-face meetings. Then we face-palmed in frustration with difficult-to-use external software and hiccups in audio/video quality. Fortunately, today's world has Blue Jeans. With Blue Jeans cloud-based technology supported on all browsers and mobile devices, businesses have the quality they need, without the headache.

Check out some of the features that make cloud-based Blue Jeans the virtual modern conference room:

  • Cloud-Based & Scalable
    As long as you have a video-enabled device with Internet access, Blue Jeans is there. Say goodbye to the days of having to add hardware or software for new employee access. Blue Jeans makes it easy to scale service as your company grows. Simply add virtual ports and licenses for new hires as the need arises.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    In an instant-access world, we're constantly on the go, and to keep up, your communication system needs to be a seamless experience from anywhere, regardless of the point of access. Blue Jeans users have the freedom to connect from their browser, mobile device, room system, or third-party software system.

    Blue Jeans is designed to integrate with the following:
    • Web Browsers: Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox
    • Mobile Devices: Blue Jeans Android and iOS mobile apps available
    • Room Systems: Blue Jeans is compatible with any SIP or H.323 room system
    • Software Systems: Cisco Jabber, Polycom RealPresence, Microsoft Lync, and LifeSize Softphone
  • Rich Content Sharing
    When face-to-face chats aren't getting the job done and you need to share slide decks, spreadsheets, video, and other content — Blue Jeans has you covered.
    • Up to 1080p resolution HD screen sharing
    • Real-time video sharing
    • Zoom capability
    • Host-controlled content with video window scalingy
Sign up for a fourteen day unlimited free trial to expand the reach of your meetings with virtual modern conference room technology from Blue Jeans!