The Video of Communication's Dreams

If you were to look back at the way video conferencing has been conducted in previous years, it would probably equate more to watching a movie rather than interacting with another human being as if you were in the same physical space. BlueJeansbrings you the platform that does away with the impersonal and promotes modern collaboration. BlueJeansoffers a wealth of connectivity options, high-definition video, intuitive communication features and great content collaboration options – and that's just the beginning.

Learn more about the video of communication'ss dreams below.

In the 21st century, people are connecting with each other once again in a way that hasn't quite been possible at any other point in history. BlueJeans Network brings these kinds of video communications solutions to market.

Join the Conversation

Enhance your employee satisfaction and productivity with BlueJeanscloud-based collaboration platform. With easy, click-to-join meetings that come straight from your email invitations or built-in calendar system of choice, there's no troubleshooting or stress to deal with in the moments leading up to an important discussion.

With standard meeting support for up 25 interactive endpoints, BlueJeansprovides the forum for most team meetings. If you need more attendee support, our Large Meeting add-on package ups the number to 100 basic attendees. Still need more? BlueJeansPrimetime adds 3,000 remote attendee spots along with the same 100 interactive presenters. And letting an attendee become an active participant has never been a simpler process. It's as easy as three steps:

  • The remote attendee will virtually raise their hand.
  • A moderator will send them an invitation to speak.
  • The attendee accepts the invite inside the interface and begins speaking to all people in attendance in real-time!

Service That Scales

BlueJeansoffers a service that telescopes according to the needs of your business. Do you run a tight ship with a skeleton crew? No problem – only purchase the necessary licenses for the personnel that need it. As your business grows and you begin to hire more people, you can buy the licenses in whatever quantity needed without any unnecessary package deals or plan upgrades.

High Definition Content Sharing

When it comes to making sure everyone in the conference has the required supporting materials – it doesn't get any easier than Blue Jeans. Simply preload all the media onto our cloud platform, and when the time is right, click on the desired chart, graphic, or video to display it in up to 1080p HD resolution.

Wainhouse Research recently wrote a detailed report on why BlueJeansis a leader in providing a quality cloud video bridging solutions to organizations of any size. Download the report here.