Changing the face of Business Communications with Blue Jeans Video Conferencing Solution

Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions are helping to change the face of business communications. Whether you're in a sales role, a research position, an educator, a healthcare provider, or one of thousands of other occupations, you are the perfect candidate to use Blue Jeans. Why? You might ask. Because Blue Jeans is the most versatile online conferencing system available, with interoperability between all major software systems, devices, and platforms. In addition to its powerful ability to connect parties across different communications systems.

Curious to learn more? Check out the details about Blue Jeans below:

Enterprise Scalability

Blue Jeans is designed with the enterprise user in mind. Because our video conferencing solutions operate from a cloud-based platform, there's no external MCU hardware to buy or clunky software packages to download. Blue Jeans is a lightweight service that allows businesses to easily add additional users though a single sign-on. We also integrate seamlessly with Outlook and Google Calendar, so scheduling meetings and sending invitations are a breeze.

Rich Content Sharing

Blue Jeans simplifies collaboration by giving users the sharing tools they need. Blue Jeans users are able to share rich content and high definition video within the conference, so everyone has the same reference material in a synchronized, streamlined fashion. It's an easier way to conduct virtual presentations, reducing meeting times and getting participants back to their work.

Meeting Recording

While meeting participants are able to join Blue Jeans conferences through their desktop software, browser, room system, or mobile device, sometimes missing a meeting is inevitable. Worry not, Blue Jeans users have access to meeting recording tools, letting them record and share a video recording of the meeting inclusive of all shared content, so you never miss a detail.

Meeting Security

With Blue Jeans, you never need to worry about the security of your information. Blue Jeans protects user data with enterprise-grade firewall / NAT traversal protections, so you meet with confidence and privacy, even in a multi-vendor environment. Users can discuss internal information securely and face-to-face, minimizing the risk of information breaches.

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