The Best Video Conferencing for IT Solutions

Your IT team remembers the day all too well. That is, the day the enterprise announced a costly investment toward an organization-wide video communication system. While company leaders were busy being enthused with their commitment to video communication, IT staff knew the countless hours ahead of them. First came weeks of hardware installation to each workstation or conference room. Once the infrastructure was in place, it was only a matter of time before system upgrades and routine maintenance checks needed to be performed.

Somewhere in the middle of it all, the enterprise realized its investment wasn’t being fully utilized because of incompatibilities plaguing its conferencing reach. And just like that, a sizable, multi-year investment had gone down the tubes. At least, until you realized the best video conferencing equipment for IT platform was right here waiting.

Learn about the best video conferencing for IT platform in BlueJeans below.

Easy Cloud Livin'

Since BlueJeans lives in the cloud, the weeks or months IT teams had to allocate to installation are no longer an issue. BlueJeans comes instantly deployable with no hardware to install or software to download. Once you purchase the amount of virtual ports and licenses your enterprise needs, it’s smooth sailing from there. As you scale, you can continue adding or decreasing virtual ports and licenses in any quantity you desire. How’s that for custom scaling?

Your Analytics Arsenal

Spending money to improve the state of your enterprise’s virtual communication is wise, but that doesn’t mean you should spend the money without weighing the value you’re getting out of that investment. BlueJeans Command Center gives IT staff clear insights to how the platform is performing and being used. Here are just some of the advantages Command Center gives IT teams.

  • Ability to measure ROI through time, travel and carbon savings
  • Resolve meeting support requests in real time
  • See platform usage and plan for the future
  • View several key usage metrics through interactive dashboards (top users, key feature utilization, endpoint/geo distribution and more!)
  • See audio and video quality metrics such as bitrate, jitter, round trip delay and overall call quality

Your Information Secret Safe

Ease of use and an analytic-friendly nature aren’t all there is to being the best video conferencing for IT platform. Perhaps the most important quality a communication platform should possess is enterprise-grade security to protect all internal company information. BlueJeans Network has made this a priority with firewall/NAT traversal, excellent media handling and encryption, as well as VPN deployment options so you can meet with utmost confidence in your privacy.

Read more about our Network Security features here.

It’s about time you experienced the best video conferencing for IT platform on the market. Try a 14-day free trial of BlueJeans cloud-based video service or contact us for more information!