A Video Conference That's as good as Being There

At Blue Jeans, we're confident that we've managed to create the world's best video conference system. Yet we still have our ear to the ground and our finger on the pulse of the business community, ready to respond to whatever trend comes along that will need to be supported by our video conferencing software.

The edge we've built into our service that makes us the best video conference experience stems from the fact that we are an open source, cloud-based platform.

This means that at the heart of our platform, is a willingness to evolve and improve our features and capabilities to meet the increasing needs of the global workforce.

Let's check out what makes us the best video conference experience around.

Adaptable to Whatever the Future May Hold

No matter the size of your company and the industry you're in, it's tough to predict the future. That's why we have designed Blue Jeans from the ground up, making sure to serve the needs of SMBs and large enterprises alike through easy scaling.

Each time you need to add user access to Blue Jeans, all you need to do is add more virtual subscriptions and ports, in no specific quantity. Find that you're not using all the access licenses you've purchased? No problem. Simply adjust the amount of virtual ports you need. No longer will you be tied to fixed video conferencing hardware equipment investments and all the pains involved with uninstalling and re-installing configurations each time you need to change something.

But aside from scaling, Blue Jeans is an open platform system encouraging the partnership of the many different companies who produce the endpoint hardware that we rely on to complete the communication chain. In order to make our system as compatible with as many different hardware providers as possible, we realized an open source platform was the only way to go.

This is vital in delivering the best video conference experience to our customers. Our integration with popular conferencing suppliers like Polycom, Cisco, LIfeSize and Avaya is essential in closing the loop in global communications.

Constant Updates to Our Features

Our platform will never be finished. We're constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve the features that we provide in our video conferencing services and to increase the range and simplicity that our customers relish in using our system on a daily basis.

A better video conference experience is waiting right around the corner. Get in touch with us today to learn more about Blue Jeans, or sign up for a free trial or live demo.