The Best in Video Conferencing Equipment

When it comes to video conferencing equipment, one of the most important factors to consider is whether or not the equipment will be interoperable with the different setups and conferencing hardware available. You should be able to share information seamlessly, with the support of the cloud to manage and store your most important files in an easily accessible manner. Blue Jeans video conferencing equipment provides all of these features and more – offering a solution that is versatile, innovative, and most of all, easy to use.

Learn why Blue Jeans is the best at supporting video conferencing equipment below.

Scaling with the Cloud

Any business that uses video conferencing equipment is clearly dedicated to promoting communication and file sharing in order to grow their organization. Blue Jeans offers impressive cloud storage features to do exactly that. However, unlike many other types of equipment, these unique tools are designed to scale with the organization and provide reliable storage and sharing options for organizations of all sizes. With up to 50 GBs of storage space available for all accounts, important files can be uploaded prior to your meeting and shared quickly with others. As your company grows and requires more video conferencing access, you can add more virtual ports and subscriptions so you're never paying for more than what you're using.

Compatible with Multiple Platforms and File Formats

Modern communication and content sharing can be complicated with many individuals and businesses using an array of devices to exchange data. Blue Jean is designed to promote cross-platform interoperability in order to eliminate troubleshooting and keep meetings on track. With multiple file formats supported and synchronous playback for all participants, real-time content and video sharing has never been easier.

Great for Meetings of Any Size

Blue Jeans Large Meeting capabilities creates an elastic, virtual boardroom that's able to meet the needs of global organizations or companies with offices in various cities. Instead of only being able to communicate with a limited number of people, Blue Jeans allows an interactive forum for discussion and decision-making with support for up to 100 interactive endpoints. Blue Jeans Primetime raises that number up to 3,000 remote participants with the same 100 interactive endpoints, allowing remote attendees to shift to interactive presenters and presenters to remote attendees through easy to use host controls.

Use Blue Jeans to integrate with your existing video conferencing equipment, or free yourself of hardware altogether by deploying the cloud.

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