Moving Teleconferencing Forward

With Blue Jeans, meeting participants have a wide range of connectivity options from which to choose. As today's business world becomes less and less localized, it's important to have effective alternatives to physical meetings. While teleconferencing systems have had their benefits in the past, Blue Jeans expands on the concept.

By removing the need for an expensive conference bridge and hardware MCU, you can enjoy high definition video conferencing for an up to 75% savings when compared to the five-year total ownership price for the standard hardware based teleconferencing MCU. Check out the details below:

How Blue Jeans Works

Blue Jeans is the streamlined, efficient, and easy to use alternative to traditional teleconferencing services.

1. Creating an account is simple, and only takes about two minutes.
2. Choose your meeting participants, and they'll receive a URL invitation to access the meeting from their browser.
3. Select the device (Computer, Room System, Phone, Mobile) and the video platform (Browser, Lync, Mobile App, and more) you'd like to use to join the meeting.
4. Take advantage of the advanced features available during your Blue Jeans video conference, from meeting recording and group chat to high definition content sharing.

Access Points

Interoperability is one of the defining characteristics of Blue Jeans. Meeting participants have their choice of access points, so everyone can join the meeting in the manner which is most convenient to them.

  • Computer: Join the meeting on your computer through any major web browser or existing video conferencing software system. Blue Jeans is compatible with third party clients like Cisco Jabber, Polycom RealPresence, LifeSize SoftPhone, and Avaya Scopia.
  • Room System: Blue Jeans conferencing is available through any H.323 or SIP room system, allowing multiple participants to join from a video equipped conference room. Blue Jeans helps to bridge the gaps between incompatible systems for a seamless communication experience.
  • Phone: For meeting participants that prefer an experience closer to traditional teleconferencing, joining Blue Jeans through a PSTN or public switched telephone network couldn't be easier. We provide the audio bridge connection and all you need to provide are the talking points.
  • Mobile: Joining the meeting on the go is easy as well. Blue Jeans has both iOS and Android applications for your smartphone or tablet device. Blue Jeans lets you do more with your mobile video conferencing, letting users connect with not just other mobile devices, but any other Blue Jeans enabled access point.

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