Smarter Business Video Conferencing

If you're in a client-facing role, you probably interact with your clients on a weekly or even daily basis. But, do you know what they look like? 89 percent of business people say they work with clients once a week with whom they've never seen. Another 71 percent feel like they've lost a sale or business opportunity because of a lack of face-to-face interaction. Speak with your clients as if you were in the same room, with business video conferencing solutions from Blue Jeans.

Grab the reigns of your business with Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions.

Ease of Use

Ever feel nervous in the moments leading up to a big conference meeting? Will your client have any trouble accessing the platform? Will the conferencing service require them to have a certain version of flash or download another external media player? Avoid distractions and unplanned setbacks to your meeting by choosing a business video conferencing service that's intuitive. Your employees, clients and ROI will thank you.

Here are some of the ways Blue Jeans makes video conferencing easy:

  • Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Click-to-join URL meeting invites
  • In-meeting controls to limit disruption and share content
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) convenience using SAML technology
  • Meeting access from nearly any endpoint
  • User-controlled content and video window scaling
  • HD quality, 1080p resolution
  • Zoom capability for the finer details

Mobile Focused

Mobile is the trend of the business world. As we're taking on more ambitious workloads, we'll need mobile devices to give us the flexibility to combat our hectic schedules. Our most productive economic centers like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago are connecting to meetings from mobile the most. Blue Jeans offers iOS and Android apps to bring the high quality video experience right to your smartphone. Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar syncing make sure you're on top of your agenda, even while on the go.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Business video conferencing involves a vast exchange of sensitive and potentially damaging information. Organizations on both sides need their video conferencing system to be as secure and reliable as possible. Using Firewall/NAT traversal and meeting encryption, you can conduct your meetings with confidence; no matter how many vendors you have on a call. Give your IT admins a platform to analyze data and measure performance with our Command Center feature.

Take your business video conferencing to a new level by signing up for an unlimited 14-day free trial of Blue Jeans today!