Cloud Video Conferencing & Collaboration Tools

The convenience and resource-saving benefits of communicating over a cloud based video meeting helps organizations stay agile and proactive in their decision making. Turning to the cloud eliminates the headaches of troubleshooting clients through complicated video conferencing systems. Blue Jeans uses calendar integration, high quality video and content sharing as well as a multitude of supported endpoints so users can focus on the actual meeting agenda and not get bogged down by logistical concerns.

Read on to learn more about the cloud based video meeting features of Blue Jeans:

Device and System Interoperability

It's hard for a cloud based video meeting service to be flexible and convenient without supporting a diverse group of endpoints. Many companies waste a lot of money choosing a unified communication system that'll be out of date in a few years. Choose an adaptable cloud based video meeting platform that'll still be on the cutting edge years down the road. If you've already invested in a costly room system you love, Blue Jeans will work with that too! These room systems are great for connecting within your company, but often have problems connecting externally. We'll work with your H.323 and SIP room systems to other software-based video clients like Cisco Jabber, Polycom RealPresence, LifeSize Softphone and Avaya Scopia so your investment doesn't go to waste.

Calendar Integration

It's understandable to feel overwhelmed in our hectic world. From our families and friends, to our work responsibilities and personal development — staying mindful of the little details can be taxing. Blue Jeans integrates with all major calendars so you never have to worry about missing a meeting again. Blue Jeans syncs and integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal to make scheduling and monitoring your meetings as easy as possible. Check out our download page for the scoop on all our Blue Jeans apps.

High Quality Video and Content Sharing

Screen sharing isn't enough these days. Users need a high quality collaboration platform to bounce ideas off one another and make sure content's being shared in an easily digestible format. Preload your files ahead of your meeting to the Blue Jeans platform for quick sharing in-meeting sharing. All users in the meeting view videos shared at the same rate to ensure everyone's on the same page. With no external media players to download and a wealth of file formats supported, collaboration across geographies and time zones has never been simpler.

Make your cloud based video meeting more productive by signing up for an unlimited 14-day free trial of Blue Jeans today!