Scheduling Video Meetings with Blue Jeans

Creating and scheduling video meetings with Blue Jeans is simple. Whether you're using the Blue Jeans platform or one of the many convenient add-on schedulers, you'll have your meeting up and running in no time.

Learn about some of the customizable options and add-ons for scheduling video meetings with Blue Jeans below:

The Basics

After you've logged into your account and chosen to "Schedule a Meeting," you'll be able to enter the title, date, time and whether it's a repeat or one-off meeting. Decide if you want a participant passcode or not, enter your email invites and compose a brief meeting message that'll be included in the email invite.

Advanced Options

Of course, every meeting has its own specific needs and requirements. Blue Jeans provides users with advanced options to tailor their meetings:

  • Publish Meeting
    When you select this option, your meeting will appear publicly on the My Blue Jeans web page.
  • Crop Video
    If you have a particular room layout to accommodate, selecting the Crop Video box will turn a 4:3 video to a 16:9 full screen video.
  • Encrypt Meeting
    Selecting this option will only allow encrypted endpoints to join the meeting. Unencrypted users attempting to join will see a message saying, "encryption is required" in order to join the meeting.
  • Moderator-less Meeting
    Moderator-less meetings will start when the first two participants have joined, regardless of whether the scheduler has joined.
  • View Configuration
    Selecting the View Configuration link will open two more options:
    • Disable Audible Alerts
      Alerts are turned off when participants enter and exit the meeting.
    • Disable Video Animations
      The active presenter's animated video thumbnail is turned off when this option is checked.

Default Settings

Three other default settings you can change for all your meetings:

  • Composing a Welcome Message
    Participants see this while in the waiting room.
  • Default Video Layout
    This will be the default for you and all participants.
  • Default Connection Option
    Participants will default to this endpoint when they join the meeting.

These options are located under My Settings in the Room Settings tab.

You're All Set

Once you've customized your meeting, you can edit meeting options or invite additional participants, cancel the meeting entirely, or share the meeting info by copy and pasting in an email.

Calendar and Browser Integration

Blue Jeans fits into your routine:

  • Microsoft Outlook
    If you prefer, you can also schedule meetings using Microsoft Outlook. Simply click the Blue Jeans Add-in button to open a new event. Fill in your meeting details and click send. Your meeting details will auto populate in the body of your message. If everything looks good, click OK to send the invitation. A new meeting ID will appear in your Blue Jeans account.
  • Safari and Chrome Extensions
    Safari and Google Chrome extensions will sync with Google Calendar from your browser window or within Google Calendar itself. An extension button on your browser window lets you start or schedule meetings with a single click. Within Google Calendar, you can choose to "Add a Blue Jeans Meeting" and watch the meeting information auto populate into the meeting description.
  • Blue Jeans Scheduler for Mac
    For Mac users, Blue Jeans scheduler syncs with iCal and Outlook for a one-click entry to upcoming meetings. You can also schedule future meetings and invite participants, or even start an instant meeting. Specify your default and per-meeting options as you would through the Blue Jeans platform.

Visit our Support Guide for more in-depth knowledge and see how easy scheduling meetings are with Blue Jeans by signing up for an unlimited 14-day free trial today!