Polycom Video Conferencing Endpoints

Many people think of video conferencing as a limiting form of communication that's only able to support a small number of participants. While small, exclusive meeting services certainly exist, Blue Jeans is proud to not be one of them. Turn your previously incompatible conferencing equipment into a multi-party communication tool that's able to heighten collaboration and document each step of the process. Blue Jeans Network offers Polycom Video Conferencing deigned to be scalable, adaptable and user-friendly.

Give your organization more flexibility with our compatible Polycom video conferencing. Learn more about Blue Jeans below.

Excellent Cloud Storage and Data Sharing Capabilities

In order to have the best meeting with multiple partners from around the country or globe, it's important to have all necessary files uploaded and ready to share at a moment's notice. Blue Jeans integrates with Polycom video conferencing equipment to provide the cloud storage necessary to keep files on hand and ready for any online meeting. This valuable tool supports a variety of platforms and file types to make any virtual meeting easy for all users.

Interoperability for Seamless Communication

Scheduling a meeting can be easy in small groups. However, larger meetings can be a bit more difficult to organize. Sometimes certain parties can only communicate via mobile devices, and different companies may utilize numerous file formats to store and exchange information. The Polycom video conferencing solution provided by Blue Jeans enables individual to use all kinds of platforms, equipment and devices to exchange data quickly and easily.

Plenty of Endpoints and Options for Expansion

With 100 endpoints available, having a large video meeting with Blue Jeans is simple. However, Blue Jeans Polycom video conferencing provides numerous options for expansion and growth. The Primetime events service scales to 3,000 members, great for town hall meetings, job training seminars and promotional events. Given the fact that the software is cloud based, hardware and software upgrades are not needed for expansion. Additional licenses and ports can be purchased as needed to allow any business or organization to expand their communication capabilities without ever paying for more than their current needs.

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